Forensic Computer Analysis


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Mar 2, 2011
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Sorry if this is un BH related but Im hoping one of you Blackhatters know the answer to this:

I have a friend who has recently left his previous company to set up on his own, the company is now saying that they are sending his old computer off for forensic analysis in order to see what information he downloaded.

He is worried that they will seek an injunction to get his home computer looked at in the same way to see what information he has on it.

My question is, will they be able to tell which specific computer he used at home to download? Can they tell which actual computer was used ? or just the IP address? In which case it could be any computer he has at home.

Obviously he is worried because on his own computer are files that related to his leaving the company and setting up on his own and may be cause for them to sue him.

Any info is most appreciated