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    okay, so my dad has a cabin that he and I built over the last 15 years or so in central/west Michigan - it's kinda been a project of ours. However, he has had a boat on Lake Michigan for a couple summers now and wants to upgrade to a bigger boat - but to do this he needs to sell our cabin. I was thinking about going on a big CL campaign across the south eastern states since selling anything in Michigan right now is shitty because of our shitty economy - I figured I would reach out to the states with a little more money, and local realty companies just don't put this kind of effort into selling shit.

    My issue is the whole geo IP stuff... actually I have been outta the CL thing for a while so I am not sure if the geo ip blocks apply to real estate section. Anyway, I was thinking about helping him out and blasting a few hundred ads out there trying to sell our cabin - we are listing it right around 90k and is perfect for hunters...

    go ahead and PM me with some quotes... what you would charge to post all these ads for me. this is legit - not some credit check campaign.