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Discussion in 'Pinterest' started by OldClock, Aug 25, 2016.

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    I've been getting back into marketing on Pinterest lately and I'm starting to try to get into group boards. Does anyone have any experience with them and, if so, what do you look for when you try to join one? For example, what kind of follower numbers, contributor numbers and so on are deemed decent for you guys. I know it varies depending upon the niche and other factors, but do you guys have any personal standards like "I won't join group boards with less than 1,000 followers" or something similar?

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    It used to be quite easy: You'd look at the kind of repin and like levels the average pin in a group board gets and decided on that. Ever since the change of aggregating repins over all boards & accounts, it is not possible to gauge that kind of effectiveness of a board any longer. You just see the total amount of repins and that is quite worthless an info.

    Also, ever since the smart feed, group boards lost a huge amount of their effectiveness. 3 years ago, being able to post in a board with 3m followers was like hitting the jackpot. Now, saving stuff to the same boards might give you 5 repins or 100 (but not thousands like before). Saving already viral pins (1k saves or more) to a group board is still vvery effective, tho.

    I can only speak from personal experience. I won't join a group board with less than 100k followers on my authority account and only if it is super targeted. So as a result I am using 4. Why? Don't want my account to look spammy.

    With my satelite accounts I am less restrictive. I join more or less every single one that is in my niche, set up an automation queue for them and let it be. They can be a nice multiplicator on the way to get your pins viral.
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