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    You can never guess!
    IMHO this will be a decent contribution to this community. People always asking (and will ask) about hosting, cheap hosting, free hosting. Here comes my compilation:

    1- Siteground offers $10 hosting for a year.
    DRAWBACK: Hosts only 1 domain.
    Goodies: Free domain.
    Not recurring

    2- Netfirms offers 20$ hosting for a year
    DRAWBACK: Not recurring
    Goodies: 2 Free domains with PRIVACY

    3- offers free hosting for one year
    nothing required (no cc, no paypal)

    4- Bitesites offers one year hosting for the price of one month and also gives a free .info domainname. coupon code FallDays (just for two days)

    5- Thecubehost 50% lifetime discount
    use coupon code anniversary

    6- Baiserver offer $1/month hosting
    use coupon code SUMMERBAI

    7- Hostatree offers 50% lifetime discount
    use coupon codes 50WHT or grand50

    ...will continue. This thread will be updated daily. There are a lot deals to write.