Footprint for Scrapebox extraction of Flash pages?

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    I am searching for somebody who is FOOTPRINT expert , who would know the best footprint for Flash pages extraction.
    I need to find the best footprint for "Scrapebox" flash pages extraction - (for example bars , restaurants , nightclubs , stripclubs homepages? ) .

    I have 100K keywords like :
    bar new york
    bar los angeles
    restaurant paris
    restaurant prague
    nightclub NY
    stripclub wichita

    but what I miss is good footprint to extract only flash pages (short urls) and not forums , blogs , wikipedia , etc.
    those pages mostly all of them contains menu with those names:

    Home | Photos | Gallery | Contact us | About us | Directions |

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    did you ever find an answer to this question?
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    A footprint is just about common elements on a page. So if you are looking for flash pages, most pages that have flash also have a message in the html for if there is no flash player. Like

    No flash detected

    Since google see the html you could search for that

    new york bar +"No flash detected"

    you could also seach for any html element that would show up in a view sources for the flash page.

    So load up a page that you want to find more of, have a look at the sources, and any elements that particularly relate to flash that you can see in the view source are probably traceable.

    If you can post some examples of the sites you are looking for I can give you more of a targeted footprint.

    Here is a generic vid of mine on footprints, it should help you conceptually: