Footer links: Do they still work? Can I create one per month?


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Jan 11, 2021
I have webdesign agency and portfolio of blogs. How bad idea is to add one link monthly to a blogs footer that the site was designed by my agency?
Adding your agency's link in the footer of blogs you design might seem like a quick win for brand awareness, but there's a balancing act involved. It's true you could gain passive recognition and potentially attract clients who like the design, and maybe even get a minor SEO boost from a relevant link.
However, tread carefully. Overdoing it can feel spammy and come across as self-promotion, potentially upsetting blog owners who didn't agree to the link. Additionally, search engines aren't fooled by manipulative tactics, and excessive links could backfire on your SEO efforts.
The blog portfolio is mine, I am the owner of these blogs. All of them have circa 10k visitors from SEO. My main goal is SEO boost for SEO of my agency
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