FollowLiker, VPS & Hootsuite - Help?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Eeter, Jan 26, 2016.

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    Hello everyone

    I've been growing 3 IG accounts in last few months, slowly but steadily. I'm slowly closing in on the targets I had given myself in terms of followers before I start monetizing.

    I run the 3 accounts via FollowLiker, on a VPS. I don't have any proxy, since I've read that up to 3 accounts just one IP is fine.

    Here's my issue:

    Once I start monetizing, I'd like to be able to 1) easily change my profile bio and 2) easily access my DMs so I can reply to offers or even reach out to people.

    The problem is that FollowLiker doesn't allow me to do any of that. I would have to log into each of the 3 accounts a few times a week manually to check everything, do my modifications & answer DMs. It's not very practical and could potentially raise suspicion from IG if I keep connecting from different sources.

    I have a hootsuite account, which I use for other things. Hootsuite recently added Instagram, so I could potentially connect through Hootsuite.

    My question are:

    • Do you think it's safe to have the 3 accounts connected and active via FL (follows/unfollows/pic shares) AND via Hootsuite? I'm worried that Hootsuite being a web-based app the IP from which I connect to the accounts might differ and bring up red flags to Instagram.

    • If you think it's fine, what's the best way to do it? Should I log into hootsuite via my VPS, or from my own computer (on wifi) is fine?

    Any thoughts, tips or help would really be appreciated :)

    PS: I believe there's another program that does this, I forgot the name right now, but it's a pay-per-month program. Ideally I'd like not to spend more money on this. If there is no other option, I'll consider it.