Followliker synced with Telegram (for Instagram)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by opkbv, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Hi there guys !
    As you have probably seen, I'm new here and sooo excited to have found this amazing forum with y'all sharing all this valuable info.

    I'd like to start an IG page and become an influencer in 1 year or so, I've read a lot in the past 2 months and am certain I can do it. Things will be moving starting next week :)
    But at this point, I have one big question I did not find an answer for. I've been told Telegram's engagement groups are one of the finest ways to network and engage with other people. However, you must know that completing 6-7 rounds per day with dozens of users can become exhausting and will eventualy turn you into a living zombie lol.

    This is the point where I found out about Followliker and sync-ing it with Telegram, for it to automatize the engagement rounds for you, liking others people photos.

    So here comes the questions... Does anyone know for certain if using Followliker STRICTLY for completing engagement rounds on Telegram (only the "like" feature) will affect your IG account ? Will IG flag your account for automatization ? Will it eventually get your account shadowbanned ? Will it affect your account's IG goodness score ?

    I intend to purchase Followliker strictly to complete Telegram rounds, and I do not want to waste 100$, as well as I do not want to get my account banned...

    Thank you guys for your help and keep up the good work ! :)

    Best regards,
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    It depends on your settings, if you're in big rounds, you will get flagged since every round can be more than 500 hundreds likes.

    I got my main account flagged despite being a very old aged account with good engagement.

    I'll suggest you just stick to one round per day, it's more than enough to start off.
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    Hi opkbv,
    I'd love to connect and share experience as I am currently doing the same thing. Also a newbie with FollowLiker :)
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    like comes the notification to the account of each added instagram. I think I need to write to them.