followliker on 24/7?


Oct 11, 2016
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i am planning to get followliker but i realize it is a program and cannot run while a computer is off, any way i can get it to run 24/7 without leaving computer on? i see as lot of you guys use this and am wondering what you do
use a VPS and throw it up on there and leave the VPS running 24/7 there are some VPS's for cents to the dollar or just get the free one year one from amazon
Yes, you will need to use VPS, there are plenty available there. Look for the ones that in $20-$40 range.
Your question needs two answers.
1. If you don't have a good computer that you can leave on 24/7, rent a VPS.
2. Once you have the program running, make sure you DON'T have it doing tasks 24/7. Set hours to run, the program has that option.

If you have the program doing tasks 24/7 you WILL be banned by Instagram. No human being is doing tasks on Instagram 24/7.
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