(followliker) I really need help with settings! PLZ Help!

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by ttub44, Jan 13, 2016.

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    I really need assistance with my followliker settings, I used to use instagress and it honestly worked perfectly it was just slow, now I upgraded and am so lost! I'm following 3000 people a day and getting 50 follows. I'm advertising a legitimate tutoring business for college students and am verified by instagram, so I believe I have more leaning room because of that as well as the account being up for 2 months. The other problems I'm having are regarding the hashtags, I'll put hash tags as such (#college, and #school) and the bot will take any post with those words in it even if it isn't hashtagged which is a huge problem for me, for example a post said preschool and it followed the user, but I need it follow people with more specific words, can it do that ? Also it's following people who are from different countries that speak different languages. Here are my settings, is there anything I should add, do, get rid of, and or change (keep in mind I'm willing to go agressive for sake of time)? I really am super lost here and super desperate, I need all the help I can get, thank you

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    if you are verified why risk it with FL?
    to be honest when i look at the stats you want to work to fast. lower it to 30-60 seconds intervals. it is not a race to get the most followers.
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    Lord almighty... You actually need to learn about instagram first before even using FL..
    You cannot follow 3000 people in a day...
    You cannot follow 90 to 120 people ..
    Spread it way out, 30-60 secs minimum.

    Go read and learn about instagram before you try this again, then go read JustChillin's FL guide.
    Stop being lazy.