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Followliker FL - Any Backlists for Spam/Spammers Out there?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by tryagain2day, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. tryagain2day

    tryagain2day Registered Member

    Jan 26, 2015
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    Are there any already compiled, ready to upload, spam blacklists I can upload in to my settings out there?

    In efforts to slowly grow quality accounts I try to optimize followliker diligently but it is pretty time consuming to add spammers individually to FL's blacklist and frankly, defeats the purpose of automation. Especially accounts selling "likes" "nikes" "tennis" "jordans" "purses" "suppliments" "tenis" "London" paris" "newyork" etc etc are the worst!

    There is also the "GET FREE FOLLOWERS" series. These are sophisticated spammers because they use competitive hashtags some of which already listed above, so your automation tool interacts with spam posts and your followers clearly see that "you" are interacting with spam posts in their feeds! These type of accounts usually have a unique normal looking user name but right below it, tag a specific "@GET_XXXX_FOLLOWERS" handle in the content area.

    Lastly, there is the type of spammers who recognize and target accounts using automation tools and therefore know you drive volume traffic so they tag you in the comment section of other posts they are trying to drive traffic to.

    I hope to block these various spammers or at least stop automated interaction with Gucci bags sales reps once and for all. No offense.
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  2. Cantouchth1s

    Cantouchth1s Junior Member

    Oct 22, 2014
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    can you share how you interact with spam posts, so people can see that? Does it means that people can see that you like or comment spam posts in their feeds?
    Sorry, if I'm being dumb )) I just can imagine that at the moment. Or you interacting with them in your own posts? I think it's very unsafe to do that.. because if you don't know what concretely is in comment that you answer, why should you do that?

    You mean there are spammers that tag you in their comments that they make in other/non yours posts? If yes, I may think that:
    - you appear in their competitor's list, so they target you to been banned
    - they set up to tag their followers in their comments to attract their followers/followings and get some kind of increase the uniqueness of their posts.

    Did you checked, if you have got them in your followings list? If so, maybe you should try to not follow such accounts? I can give you some tips if you have this kind of situation.

    I'm also very interested in that kind of information how to avoid this annoying spammers, so I think it is great thread!


    Now I understand what you may talking about, when you say "..and your followers clearly see that "you" are interacting with spam posts in their feeds.."
    So this is about your followers feeds, where they can see that photos you liked and whom you followed. We should think about how it react to followers actions and feelings, I think. If person have lots of followings and you like/follow many people, so they see many actions in their feed and usually people don't look for every action (open every image/user they saw I followed/liked), I believe. But when your followers are the people who have not so many followings, then they are more interested in what happens in their feed and it's more clearly to notice. But I think you should stay away from being stressed about that.

    What you can do is to manage whom you follow/like/comment:
    - prepare your lists of users/photos to follow/like/comment (scrape them, analyze and sort);
    - follow/like;
    - check if you have better results in followback and activity that bring you engagement;
    - repeat until you find the optimal algorithm to do the first thing in this list.

    I think this is one of the best things you can do with FL at the moment.

    You can scrape users who follow, who liked and who commented, analyze that people that you scraped, scrape and analyze your followers and especially active likers and commentators. Look from what followers you get most actions at your profile and try to follow/like that users, but not limit to that. Always try to search something new that can bring you better result. Always write down or remember what actions give you most noticeable profit and repeat that again and again ;)

    Have a good day! )
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  3. tryagain2day

    tryagain2day Registered Member

    Jan 26, 2015
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    Thanks for the feedback. I suppose you are correct about saying I should not worry about it as much as I do. Its just that I have been really meticulous about growing the accounts slowly carefuly so that I am interacting with real people. I hate being "tricked" into liking spammy posts. If you are always interacting with users other users tend to notice.

    This is extremely valuable! I am not as thorough about keeping notes on the optimizations I make. I do not have enough time but I try to spend lots of time taking notes but I should.

    Thanks for lots of good tips.

    I think I will start a forum and ask BHW to include 10 spammers so other FL users can just upload into their settings. If everyone posts 10-20 in no time we can avoid interacting with spammers