Follow / Unfollow Twitter Tool - Filter function with Auto Reply Response SW Required

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    Jan 4, 2013
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    Hi Guys, i have used ManageFlitter in the past (but not for 12months) for churning 1500+ Twitter followers a day, with a separate auto twitter reply to a follow. does anyone know of any other SW with this or more functions. My requirements below:-

    1.Be able to see my Follower / Following
    2.Be able to see competitors F/F
    3.Be able to mass add followers competitors F
    4.Be able to set up a auto response if someone follows me > sending them link to my FB page
    5.Be able to sort my current F by different data parameters ie. low posters etc..
    6. ANY OTHER Functions that you guys thing are AWESOME and available out there (as i dont know what i dont know is now available)

    Cheers Storm