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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Etanor, Apr 17, 2016.

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    So in the "share photo/video" option I want to import a file with line breaks in it but it doesn't work. The lines in the file.csv i want to import are like :
    "Caption blablabla This is cool","C:\\location\picture.jpg"
    "Caption2, blablabla This is also cool","C:\\location\picture2.jpg"
    When the picture are uploaded on istagram, the captions are :
    Caption blablabla This is cool
    Caption2, blablabla This is also cool
    And I want it to be :
    Caption blablabla 
    This is cool
    Caption2, blablabla 
    This is also cool
    Is there a special character I have to add in the caption to insert a line break when posted on Instagram ?
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    You want to do this in Excel? If you want to put a line break in the text inside a cell, press ALT+Enter where you want the line break, so you can type more lines of text into the same cell.

    Different softwares treat line breaks differently. I know for a fact that the built-in Notepad in Windows and Notepad++ treat line breaks the direct opposite way on default settings. So you can try experimenting with those too, but if FL changes or removes the line breaks, all pre-editing will be lost, in that case you can't really do much i guess.

    This is how to do it with Notepad++:
    I'm not sure what's the exact character, where you want to break the line, but if it's anything other than an empty space (i can't really tell from the example, can be TAB too), so in that case, copy it. Hit CTRL+H, it will bring up the Replace window. Into the 'Find what' field paste what you just copied, into the 'Replace with' field type \n
    Select the 'Regular expression' radio button and hit 'Replace All'
    It will break every line where the copied character is found.
    If it's an empty space, then i guess you're out of luck, you can't really break the lines en mass in that case.