Focus on 1 keyword or multiple keywords for backlinks?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by boobooboy, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I am currently building backlinks for one of the page but I am not sure if I should get backlinks using that 1 particular keyword or focus on multiple related keywords.

    Do i really need to get 10,000 backlinks with same anchor text or can I use multiple related anchor texts and still get good ranking?

    I have keywords ranking on both page 1 and page 2 right now but nowhere near no 1 position and as stated above, I don't know if I should pick one keyword with most traffic/high ranking or just build backlinks using related keywords.
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    Jun 17, 2010
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    I tend to focus on one keyword at a time, but I still use other keywords. Generally, I will set up a new site with a goal of ranking for about 5 keywords. My first round of backlinking methods will use one keyword maybe 50% of the time with a mix of the other keywords and a few random words that have nothing to do with anything.

    Once I rank that particular keyword I just switch it out with one of the secondaries and continue the process. Once you get solid rankings for those keywords you could tackle an additional set of keywords if the site is good at making money.
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    I would use mutiple related, with a focus on your main. If you are optimizing for example for "SEO tutorial", I would use something like

    SEO Tutorial (65%)
    SEO Tutorials (15%)
    SEO (10%)
    learn SEO (5%)
    SEO How To (5%)

    And I would use the main anchor at all "strong" backlinks. I would consider a link from a squidoo page as strong where as a link from a social bookmark account as weak, for example.
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    I come from a land downunder
    just mix in some related keywords to make it look natural

    I maybe throw in a "click here" or "website" 1 in every 100 or so links.