FluxSEO Update for WHITEHAT - 1000 Search Engine URL Submission Program!

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    We have finished our tool to work now should be up and running for you all. If anyone needs anything or is having a issue please pm me as soon as possible.

    Also Virus Total - AddMySite.exe
    So you all have the link. I am working diligently on doing everything everyone wants with the short funds I got. But we are developing a super core package. It will be a pinger service for you all. Also we are setting up the Social Network like facebook for SEO people. So people can do work and get rated by companies across the board.
    Here is a URL submission tool with Keyword additional adding to the sites that allow. Also you need to put in your actual email.

    This will only allow 1 submission till I get positive feedback on this and what people would like to see and the changes. :) So let me know. Also I am going to add a VT of my FluxSEO.com SEO bot if anyone wants to run it.

    FluxSEO is about helping charities and so forth so 20% of our income in goes to different charities a quarter. We are also looking for people that are PR specialist!! So if you are one of these guys and want to help please feel free to join my ventrilo and chat.

    Virus Total - FluxSEO.exe
    0 flagged files and they have been scanned many a time now so :) hopefully you all are starting to enjoy.
    Later this month I am going to do a 1000$ challenge for SEO Experts winner takes all we will get you sites and we will see who can increase the most traffic of this site by a % !!!
    Also I am going to do something for blackhatworld also Since I am going to start my own well version of Facebook for SEO I would like to premier BHW on our front page as long as I get admin approval.

    If people want a location to chat I am hosting a ventrilo for everyone.
    IP/Hostname : vent.fluxproject.net | Port : 27634
    no password but spam protection is on. So feel free to come in and chat.

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