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    I was wondering if people could share their opinions on website content and how it might effect a sale of a website.

    I currently run a website that pulls content from the web, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Article Directories.. this is then posted and spun automatically.

    The site consist of about 25% video content without text, 25% video with text and 50% articles with images - all which have automatic affiliate links added for keywords.

    I rank the site by going through the spun content manually, generally about 3 articles a day and any article I fix up I spin them into 5 versions which are again proof-read and submitted through article marketing.

    I guess I am after a critique on two issues:
    1) If I have a video that is just embedded, what are the legal requirements for this content. I guess I'm confused because many news websites will embed a youtube video without any contribution link - I have done this but included affiliate links in the 'description' section (25% with and 25% without a relating post).
    2) Does it put you off as a buyer that there are articles which are bad content? These pages generally never get viewed and are setup into categories which can't really be clicked through too, they simply build weight. If I notice a particular user flow through to articles, I will then manually edit them.

    TL;DR & Simplified: If I have a website that pulls and posts video and text content that is not unique, spun (perhaps published in with bad grammar), what are the legel issues and how does this effect your buying decision?

    I don't really want to sell at the moment as it's making a v. good income for over a year now, but it would be interesting to know and how it effects the perception of value for the site if I need a bulk cash boost, as I'm looking to buy a house soon.
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    1. Depends where it's from. Youtube allows embedding and so do most other sites.
    2. Depends on the buyer. If it knows SEO it wont matter, but if not, it could be a problem.
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    Just to add in from mike33's depending variable factors:

    3. Scalability. One good reason a person would buy a website is to scale it upwards. If it only has a product with articles to help drive traffic to buy that product and build that email list, then the person who buys this can add another product or a complimentary product to the existing one. Hence, scaled upwards.