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Nov 10, 2011
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Hey guys and girls!

Apologies in advance if I've put this in the wrong place.

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate thread for Black Hat World but it is single-handedly the best place I know to find people who know their stuff when it comes to the world of IM.

I'm hoping that some of you guys would be willing to give me some insight as to what price I may be looking to expect (roughly) if I were to list one of my sites on Flippa. I ask because I have no idea if it's worthy or not to ask for a reserve price.

Background Info:

- Investment-themed Advise Website
- Newly Registered (June 2011)
- Hardly any SEO work done - I set it up pre-BHW.
- 113 Visits / 50 Unique According to Google Analytics
- 7 Unique 400+ word Articles written by myself (a freelance journalist) on the topic.
- No revenue as Adsense code isn't on the site (see: pre BHW)
- 86 Inbound Links
-24 URLs in Web Index (out of 45 submitted)

Now I know this information isn't impressive at all so imagine my surprise when I ran a legitimate check on the Page Rank of the site and found that -despite all its apparent short-comings - the site has a 2/10 PR.

Now I know that rumour has it that the average Flippa buyer can tend to be a little fixated on Page Rank so my question is:

If I were to put the site on Flippa right now and list the potential elements I have been planning to add (forum, ebook giveaway, members area, guest bloggers et) as well as the healthy-for-it's-age page rank - how much do you think, roughly, I might hope for the site to sell for?

Again, thanks for taking the time guys.

As a newbie, I sincerely appreciate that there is a place like BHW that can shed some light on questions like this.

All the best!

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Firstly, the place for appraisals is this sticky thread: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...66563-what-my-site-worth-official-thread.html

Secondly, you can't rely on flippa buyers being idiots and getting fixated on pagerank and alexa! - Get some ads on there, do some SEO for it, its got more age so you can speed things up a bit!

You need to write some new content for it too if you're going to be actively working on it. - drip it out (easy if it wordpress etc)

If you sell now you're gonna receive $xx - v.low $xxx - thats in its current state.

If you spend 3 months promoting it (maybe getting pagerank higher) getting more visitors, placing adverts on the page, showing some proof of earnings - it will all help when you come to sell it in 3 months!

Thats my opinion, i don't think you should sell it now when you have the chance to sell it for more!
Currently would go for about $150 if you're lucky.

Thanks a lot for that feedback guys!

You've given me some great advice to move ahead with - I really appreciate it :)

Oh, and if I have a similar question in the future I'll be certain to be it in that specific area of the forum.

Thank you again :)
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