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Fliiping new niches question?

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by TheRallymethod, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. TheRallymethod

    TheRallymethod Junior Member

    Jun 18, 2013
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    I have to make about $1500 in 5 weeks.... I'm not looking for a get rich quick scheme. I have just been trying to find some legitimate ways to make $1500 and had no luck so far, I've posted things to sell on ebay and still haven't gotten any bids yet. I've been working on an anxiety niche blog for a few days now, and so far I've written up about 7 original articles and my plans was to build that site and start to generate income, However after realizing that to generate income for a new niche blog it's going to take time and I don't want to rush and ruin everything with the site by rushing. So I rather sell the sites instead for right now. IF it's possible

    However, I've done some research on flippa and I've ran across new established websites that sold for a high amount.
    And I was just wondering... will it be hard to sell my new established websites if I were to make around 10 websites and flip them for $75 -$100 each ?

    I plan to go to the library find some books/topics and write around 7-10 articles for each topic and flip them soon after. Is this possible? and/or I could even consider to flip newly registered domain names as well? I'm new to all of this so please excuse me, if this sound silly and unrealistic.

    I'm not trying to get rich quick, and If I can atleast make half of the money by doing this, It will help. I need the money to pay my rent until I start school and my job back in August. Is this possible? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks. (Appreciated)

    Didn't mean to give ya my personal life story, but hey it's life.
  2. BadyBoySEO

    BadyBoySEO Regular Member

    May 17, 2013
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    United Kingdom
    Your probably going to need more than 7-10 original articles if you want to flip a site for $75-100 each. I could probably source some pretty decent content for a site for cheaper than that or take the time and write really good content myself. Your going to want to only build sites in high paying niche, add a ton of quality content and build high quality backlinks, then you might get some decent results. Out of curiosity what kind of prices and how much content do these newer websites have?
  3. kvmcable

    kvmcable Supreme Member

    Dec 28, 2010
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    24 year business owner - old school dude
    KFC - BW3
    Some Flippa metrics defined:

    Flippa had 420 website auctions close in the last 72 hrs.

    Lets see how many were successful.


    This will show you the last 2000 successfully closed website listings. There are 30 a page so lets scroll to the 3 day mark; page 7, 8th listing so 6 full pages (180 listings + 8 listings on page 8 = 188 successful website listings closed in last 72 hrs).

    188 successful divided by 420 listings closed in last 72 hrs = 45% success rate in the last 72 hrs.

    Not a bad closing rate but lets dig a little deeper into what sold:

    Most would consider $100 the break even point considering the time involved, listing fees, closing fees and domain fees. Even at $100 you're working for less than minimum wage but lets use this easy number to separate the money makers and losers ratio on Flippa.

    Losers category:

    232 websites ended without a successful bid in the last 72 hours. (55%)

    55 websites sold during the last 72 hours sold between $0 and $60. (13%)

    29 websites sold during the last 72 hours sold between $61 and $100. (7%)

    So 84 listings or half of Flippa's successful listings sold for $100 or less. (20%)

    316 listings out of 420 listings either sold for less than $100 or didn't sell at all (75%).

    75% of all the websites listed would be considered losers except by Flippa (read below).

    Winners category: Moving on to websites that made some sort of profit.

    41 websites sold during the last 72 hours sold between $101 and $200. (10%)

    16 websites sold during the last 72 hours sold between $201 and $500. (4%)

    10 websites sold during the last 72 hours sold between $501 and $1000. (2%)

    27 websites sold during the last 72 hours sold over $1000. (6%)

    Of course none of this considers the website metrics but purely minimum costs of developing websites and selling price. I'm sure a few of the websites shown in the winners group were truly losers because they sold for much less than they were worth. While a startup website selling for $300 is an ok deal; a website making $100 a month selling for $300 would be considered a losing sale.

    The numbers show if you're planning on selling startup websites you have a 75% chance of either no sale or selling your website for less than $100. Flippa is making most of it's revenue on the 326 websites that didn't sell. Frankly they are hoping your startup websites don't sell.

    Flippa earned a minimum of $9 x 326 = $2934 for listings that didn't sell in the last 72 hours. Minimum relists will earn Flippa another $1630 in revenue.

    Flippa integrated new threat features in May to apparently benefit their no-sale ratios. I've never seen them so aggressive in making sure startup websites end in no-sale. While they're aggressively hammering nickel and dime sellers they are letting the high dollar scammers run without interference. I'm all for hammering scammers but do it consistently and don't just shoot the fish in the barrel.

    Sorry for the long post; I have a difficult time keeping them short.
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  4. barbie.ken

    barbie.ken Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Feb 15, 2011
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    Don't forget that you still need to pay the flippa listing fee for each site. If it was so easy to sell sites that wasn't making any money, everybody would already be doing it. Although there are indeed people doing that, but that is a different skill on its own. If you really need money fast I would suggest going to amazon mturks to do those mundane jobs for just a few cents or dollars. they are severely undercutting you but if you really need money and desperate and willing to put in some work that is the best right now
  5. Macblack91

    Macblack91 Newbie

    Jun 9, 2013
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    I flipped a site a few days ago for 400$. I only worked on it for about 2-3 hours