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[FL] Liking user's pictures

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Goofy454, May 21, 2015.

  1. Goofy454

    Goofy454 Regular Member

    May 8, 2015
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    So I'd like to follow people scraped from bigger accounts, then like those users pictures. This way the conversion rate should grow, because it looks more natural and appealing for the user if you follow him AND like his pictures. How can I set this up in FL?

    I know about FLC, but just don't like the idea of not having global delay (or at least having it under 1 min). Usually, I like to keep it around 8-15 minutes, so it looks less botty. But when FLC is setup it follows x users (within the limit), then the problem is it likes only 2-3 pictures from 1 user, and then comes the global delay.

    For example if I set like limit 11-18 but scrape photo to 3 (which means 3 per user), it will only like 3 pictures every round, even if the minimum is 11. How could I solve this problem?