Fixing your low opt in rate

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    A big concern I see online marketers having in 2012 is the issue of low opt in rates, especially for the MMO niche, mostly because squeeze pages are popping up everywhere with similar headlines and offers and often delivering below expectations.

    So what's the best way to get your opt-in rate higher? Here are some steps other marketers have been using that seem to be working so far in 2012:

    First, compare your offer or what you are giving away in return for your lead's contact information with other offers in your niche. Is your message unique or the same as thousands of other squeeze pages online today? (i.e. I see hundreds of squeeze pages with headlines about getting 1000s of visitors to your page.. it is no wonder the opt in rate for such headlines is below 10 percent) If it is similar to other squeeze page offer, try thinking up an original offer or a unique twist to the one you are already offering.

    Next, are the leads you are driving to your page seeking the information you have in your headline? If you are driving traffic to a page about website design and they already have a great website you are going to have a low rate no matter how compelling the offer is. If you are driving traffic seeking SEO help to a 'How to use Facebook' product or free offer expect a low subscribe rate.

    You also need to view your offer through the eyes of your potential buyer or client. How much authority and trust to you bring to the table? The marketers that have the highest opt-in rates are seen as 'authority figures' in their respective niches and subscribers know they will be getting some good value even though they know they will soon have a paid offer pitched to them. Upon arriving on their opt-in page there is often a well designed video and a clean page.

    If you do not come off as having authority and trust in your niche, try giving your offer or product away for free to help establish that. If you are providing great value with it, than those who have download it will be seeking you out for more helpful information. Simply paste a link at the bottom of your free product letting users know that if they want more information or services like they have just received to visit your page and give contact information in return for more similar content or services. This often works better than the traditional squeeze page.

    These are just a few ideas that seem to be helping others in their marketing and are easy to apply to your business today. Don't be afraid to try knew ideas and always split test your page and track your traffic.