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    I have a Canon laser printer that has not been working since this morning. It starts taking the paper, but then the paper doesn't come out of the other end. It gets jammed.

    I have already tried going to service mode and resetting the printer, which did not help.
    I really dont know the cause of this, I did use some cheap paper recently, but the printer still worked after that.

    Any idea what else I can do?

    Here are some pictures of where the paper gets stuck:

    if your suggestion leads to a working printer, I will give you $10 by paypal.
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    Oh dude, you got toner on your gears. You've got to clean all that shit out of there. Get some good alcohol (not the kind you drink) that is 91% or 92% and a box of Q-Tips. Then get to cleaning all those white gears, pickup rollers and every place the paper travels. That toner on those gears gets hard as a rock and will either break them or bind them up. The paper pickup rollers and travel rollers are probably all dirty as well. Never let a leaky toner cartridge in your laser printer. As soon as you see toner in there you need to blow it out or get some strong alcohol and a box of Q-Tips and get to cleaning. Loose toner is death to a laser printer.

    Good luck, not answering for any money, spend it on cleaning supplies :)
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    That printer needs a Service Urgently, and usually the reason for it not completing the print is that the Rollers that is supposed to pull and then push the paper out might be worn.
    They are fairly cheap to replace. But by the looks of the toner everywhere, you need to get that machine to a printer tech to clean and service urgently.

    I suggest use your $10 towards that.
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    Your printer reminds me of your previous rep status.