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    I used to have a guy who would do 15 upvotes on fiverr with 0 problems.
    I recently used a few others to do the same, since the other guy isnt doing reddit gigs anymore.

    The people on fiverr doing these are all scammers.
    I mean this whole heatedly. I tried them all (well the 3 I could find)

    I tried 3 people.

    for a clients project. (one after another using different links for the different posters)

    Each and every-time these people got the link ghosted from reddit.
    They claim its my clients link that isnt doing well in the music section.
    But this is bologna!

    They would add 30 upvotes and then have 29 downvotes or 25 upvotes with 22 downvotes. Along with not being able to find the post by searching reddit.
    In other words they ghosted the post by using proxies to upvote the link.

    this is not cool.

    I will never use fiverr again to do anything reddit wise.. These people doing thoes gigs are scaming you. because they dont want to make it right.

    I tell them that the gig isnt actually complete cause you ghosted the link.
    then ?I get a reply

    "no, check the initial pic i sent you had like 13 downvotes, i cant help if people downvote your song because it makes the hot list or because, they just didnt care for it? thats unfair to put against me, check the finished file i sent the numbers are way different, and we use a dynamic ip here, we do these everyday, music is a hard category because poeple do pay us to up theres in a specific genre and downvote the top 10 around it, to hurt it and keep theirs up. as for what we offered, it was delivered...and thats why we take proof shots, so fiverr will favor in our decision, be careful, because accounts to get froze and blocked for rejecting legit finished gigs"
    The time between his pic and my viewing was 15min

    This is bullshit, cause I personally posted new links of the same thing in all the same places that these scamming fiverr sellers are doing.
    and they (all 3 links) are still there with upvotes doing just fine.

    So watch out for scammers.. just wanted to let yall know whats up.
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    im not sure how Reddit works
    the site down-votes things themselves and people could also down-vote if they hate the link
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    yeah but did you read the part about I personally posted the link myself and its not ghosted..
    My point is, that the link is ghosted.
    If you go to reddit and post a link then logut and log back in from a different account using the same IP and try to upvote.
    The same thing will happen..
    yes its totally possible to get downvoted and that is expected. But not after 20min and not that many. and down votes wont ghost a link.
    duping the system will...
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