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    Hi everyone,

    I have a few android app idea that may help me to get some bucks with AdMob.
    Unfortunately I can not program in JAVA, so been messing around with online WYSIWYG, flash based app builders. I know a few popular sites, one of them is a forum, which have no mobile app yet. So i tried to build one, actually tried Appgeyser and another one i cannot recall atm - these just ask for the URL of the site or its RSS feed if it has.

    Well, the problem is the targeted sites are not mobile optimized/have no mobile version so these online created apps works like shit. They open the target sites with a built-in browser. The problem is it has large scrollbars, user must scroll a lot. So basically it worths shit. I myself would not use it either.

    I keep thinking about heading to fiverr and order it instead.

    So my question is for those ordered android app on fiver yet:
    1. can anyone make a mobilsite version from x site for 3rd party, without having access to site code?
    2. can my admob publisher ID be integrated into the app?

    Thanks for your answers in advance.

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