Five Magento Gallery Extensions That Help You To Sell More

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    Magento plugins offer you a variety of gallery extension options that can make
    your sales website come alive. You've heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words,
    and when it comes to Magento extensions for your photo gallery these photos may leave
    your visitors speechless. Here are 5 Magento gallery extensions that really can catch those
    potential customers attention and help you to sell more of your product.

    1. Altima Lookbook Magento extension($85, free version available)
    This gallery extension allows you to display your products in settings with hot spots
    that provide direct links to your products page. Designed like a traditional lookbook this
    extension can help visitors to your site image your how your products will look in the
    settings they belong. Free version of Altima LookBook extension allows you to post up to 5
    photos with three hot spots per photo. Then the customer simply has to click on the hot spot
    to gain more information about that specific product. There is a Pro version available ($85)
    without limitations and with some additional features.

    2. Lightbox Magento extension ($49)
    The magento lightbox extension allows visitors to click on a picture of a product to see an enlarged
    view. The larger view of the product then appears in a lightbox giving your product photo a
    professional and eye catching display.

    3. Magento Flash Album Extension ($49)
    This extension allows you to make slide shows and unlimited photo albums quickly and easily
    making it easier for you and the visitors to your site to view your products in an organized and
    convenient way.

    4. Product Image Slide Gallery ($49)
    The Magento product image slide gallery allows you to show your products from different angles or
    to point out different features in a slideshow. Imagine how impressed visitors will be to be able
    to see a slide show of that refrigerator freezer from both the inside and outside, with drawers
    open to show depth, and the that ice maker on the door.

    5. Product Video Gallery ($129)
    The Magento product video gallery is a great way for potential customers to actually see that
    product in use. Instead of just viewing a picture of that vacuum cleaner you are selling they can
    watch a video and see for themselves how well it cleans carpet, bare floors, and those hard reach

    These 5 Magento gallery extensions either used alone or in combination can help your customer
    to see the quality of your products, how they actually work, and how that product will fit into their
    home and their lives. They really can help to increase sales of your products by leaps and bounds.