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First Youtube Post - First Warning!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cowboyseonoob, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. cowboyseonoob

    cowboyseonoob Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Florida, United States
    Granted I'm a very green and confused adventurer at the moment but I'm following the "just get out and do it" advice right now and doing some experimenting. Basically I'm wanting to use very short movie clips as reference material for my niche. I'm not necessarily trying to monetize the youtube vids (right now), though I see that as developing into a possibility down the road. So I post my video (1 minute clip from American Pie) last night and today from my Youtube Console/Video manager I see an orange triangle next to the video that says: "Video blocked in some countries"

    When I click on that I get the description at the bottom. It's upset about 0:01 of the movie. I've read around and so far this seems harmless enough, but I was hoping a more seasoned BHWer could give me an interpreted summary of what this means. Should I delete the vid and try again? Is there some kind of tag or video footprint maybe my video software added or left behind? Did I make a mistake in tagging the official American Pie movie Youtube suggested? <-- (I will not be doing that for the next couple videos and see if it's any different). And perhaps the most important question, does this designation prevent me from adding ads to it later? It's not my content and I guess DMCA/copyright precludes anyone from monetizing copyrighted material even if it doesn't take away or hurt sales of what is being monetized?

    Just trying to get my bearings and hoping someone can come along and point me in the right direction by helping translate in BHW/IM terms what the below means. Thanks in advance BHW.

    Your video may include clips that are owned by a third party.

    To watch the matched clips please play the video on the right. The video will play from the point where the matched content was identified.

    Your video is blocked in some countries
    Here are the details:

    • "DO NOT USE - American Pie (1999) ACTIVE Full Movie", 0:01 audiovisual content administered by:
      Studio Canal
      Zefr on behalf of Universal Pictures