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    Hey guys I am new in the world of IM and just purchased scrapebox with some earnings from my part-time job. I wanted to use scrapebox to sell some services and stuff at fiverr like what a lot of ppl doing here but realised scrapebox is a bit too hard for someone new to IM like me and I dont want to offer my services and flunk it and end up wasting everyone's time. So I was thinking of starting a website and using scrapebox to get traffic to it(which shouldn't be too hard I guess).

    So..guys , I want to ask what was your first website. How much did you spend and earned and what did you do on it?

    Trying to get some ideas on making my first website , still got a bit of spare cash from my part-time job to get a domain and hosting. ( Might go for free hosting to reduce the costs and risks though, or is it a bad idea? )
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    You can first do a research about what niches are easy to monetize then go for the easiest niche.
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    Well honestly I would say take the time and get used to scrapebox, it is one of the most commonly used tools in any marketers toolbox.

    Once you begin to wrap your head around scrapebox you'd by then also have learned a few handy things about seo in general. Armed with the knowledge you have and your scrapebox skills maybe you can offer a cheap yet effective solution with scrapebox... That can help you earn a little bit.

    Then you can work your way up to buying a domain, paying for hosting and building links to your new site. One thing you really need to learn well before you build your website is kw research make sure you spend the most time on that. Your backlink knowledge can be formed a lot quicker.

    Everything is a stepping stone and eventually you'll learn and excel through trial and error.

    And to answer your question, my first website was an amazon site that still makes some residual earnings even today... I made it years ago.