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    Hello, this is my first try in creating a passive income for my self via a website.

    My background is web development and I'm sick of creating websites/webapps for others. They only give me a fraction of what they get from my websites! (I guess it is theirs because they paid for it.)

    Moving forward, my course of action is create a local directory site for my country with the flashiest technology under my disposal. I'm already half way finish! I made the site fast with cache and optimized codes and everything, I have followed for the HTML structure to make it more SEO friendly and other good SEO practice like clean URL, meta tags and other stuff, used the latest server technology I can find and used SSD in my server. I already scrape a lot of data to fill up my database too.

    And to rank up I think On Page SEO is already taken care of. I'm thinking of utilizing web 2.0, commenting of niche blogs and document sharing and other link building strategies. Social Media will also play a big rule on my strategy.

    I think I'm in the right track. However, SEO is not my strong side and this will be an experiment for me. Definitely, I will be asking a lot in this forum on how to market my local directory site. So if you have any suggestion please do post.

    I will be updating this thread every now and then. But, do not expect a weekly update just yet I'm still finishing my software. Maybe after that I can post my progress.

    Any other suggestion will be highly appreciated.