First Time Post: BinaryOptions Creditcard Flow Idea

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    Hi guys,

    I've been lurking on this forum for such a long time, learned so many things and I hope to be able to add some value sharing my idea. Now there is one main concern: Is it illegal to do this?

    I want to apply this 'flow' in a Binary Options affiliate offer.
    Most B.O. offers work like this, just to clarify:

    - Visitor opens website with salesvideo "Make One Million In 12 Seconds While Jerking Off"
    - Visitor is convinced to leave e-mail address and is redirected to Thank You Page
    - Thank You Page convinces visitor to open account with a broker, and deposit $250 via creditcard.

    The last step is the biggest conversion killer. When people need to get their card and deposit $250, a lot of them get cold feet - obviously. I was playing around with ClickFunnels and might have an idea to get around this, it's called the One Click Upsell.

    Clickfunnels has a one click upsell feature, that stores creditcard information on the first purchase, and that information is then used to be directly billed when the user clicks the Upsell button. He/she doesn't have to type in their info all over again. It's great, increases conversion a lot.

    My idea was to have someone create a similar process in the binary options deposit flow.
    You sell some kind of binary options software, guidebook, PDF, whatever for 1$ on the salespage.
    This is completely new in the Binary Options salesvideos, surely breaks the pattern and gives you a lot of cool copywriting angles to play with- AND HERE'S THE KICKER:

    People whip out their CC for a $1 shiny object a lot faster. On the Thank You page, you'd have copy explaining in order to actually make the money, they need an account with a broker. Then you use the One Click Upsell button, so relay their creditcard information to the broker, and they "automatically" make their deposit and have their account opened. You can do this, because you saved their name & cc from the first $1 purchase.

    Discuss please. Is it viable, is it legal? Will the affiliate get in trouble or the binary network?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    It won't be legal unless you clearly state that they will charged the $250.
    It may work shot term until you get hit with the refunds and chargebacks a month later.
    If you state that the fee for the broker is $250 and they just have to "Click Here" to upgrade then it might be OK
    I am not a Lawyer.