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    Feb 28, 2012
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    The website is in a webdesign niche, has about 700-800 dollars worth of tutorials at a little less then 5 dollars every 500 words. The tutorials aren't crap SEO tutorials, real tutorials.
    I have done some substantial SEO and the site is ranking for a few small time keywords
    The site has absolutely NO keywords in the URL and the URL isn't really related, just like a brand name.
    The site has several related subdomains that would go with the main sale of the domain.
    The site has 30-40 pages of webmaster graphics, and photoshop resources.
    In Google Webmaster Tools, the site has over ten thousand backlinks. More with other tools.
    The site is 3 years old and has a pagerank of 2.
    The site could give a new owner substantial adsense profit

    My question...

    I'm planning on tweeking the site, adding some articles and fixing up design flaws around the site in the next month.
    The big question is..
    If I register a new domain with keywords in the domain, how long will it take with a 301 redirect on the old domain to get it up to a pagerank of 2?
    and how much would this effect the price of the domain?