First PPC client - how to stop them stealing it?

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    Hi Peeps.

    Ive nearly got my first client for PPC but im struggling with one thing.

    How can i stop a client from taking my hard work after putting together a PPC campaign?

    like if i build it and then they say they are not paying me or run away? as the pricing modal is based on a % of profit.

    i have known the person for a few years through the internet only though.

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    Hey Rocker123.

    Not sure I understand your trepidation on this?
    If you're google certified, then you need to have a MCC (My Client Center) account... it's where you can create unlimited client accounts in the adwords dashboard.
    You can give access to the client to see their campaign in real time through their own login etc.

    Do some reading on Adwords MCC and how to set it up... that will remove all the headaches you have about your client stealing the setup campaign.
    Under no circumstance should you setup a campaign for a client using their own logins etc.. that would be silly.

    MCC offers all the peace of mind you need.. PLUS you can send your client reports on a monthly basis on how their campaign's performing.

    Seeing as this is what I do on a daily basis (managing client accounts).. I see a LOT of poorly created adwords campaigns... most clients (including noob IMers) have no idea what negative keywords are and what their role is.

    You need to have negative keywords in every campaign. Now that Google has announced that close (keyword) variants will no longer be blocked i.e whatever keyword you "sell" your client.. all close variations would render that client's ad to show, meaning - if you're charging your client x amount each month.. that budget would be blown out of proportion as all other keyword variations would cause the ads to show and be clicked on.

    This would mean your client's budget would be blown faster than anticipated.

    So, spend time creating negative keywords that would ensure your client's ads do not run when someone types in a keyword that is contrary to what you're promoting...
    i.e. your client's promoting swimming pools.. you don't want people searching for lifeguard or swimming pool cleaner jobs to have access to those ads.
    So, keywords such as

    should be negative matched.

    I could go on, but you get the picture.

    Good luck.
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    Hi bud,

    thanks for the aworsome reply!.

    i do this for a living as well but I wasn't sure how the client side was managed in terms of protecting the account.

    we use the mmc everyday, but I run the campaigns and don't set the mcc level accounts.

    would it not be possible for the client to download the account in adwords editor? Or is there a setting in the mcc level to stop this?


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    Conversion tracking is very important if you want to keep a track of the sales as you mentioned you get paid as a % of the profit.
    NO matter what if you are not keeping a track and recording the conversions then you are losing money