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First post!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ewitz, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Ewitz

    Ewitz Newbie

    Jul 8, 2009
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    Hi everyone. I've been here a couple of weeks, just lurking around and reading, reading, reading. There is sooo much good stuff on this site, I'm blown away! My friend has been on here for quite a while and he's been telling me about it. I hate my self for not signing up sooner! I realize that I should stream line my interests and focus in a one or two ideas, but I want to do EVERYTHING! Any suggestions maybe on some good things for a beginner to start on?? Thanks so much for any input, I look forward to getting to know people out here and sharing ideas.

  2. Warbucks

    Warbucks Junior Member

    Apr 6, 2009
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    Stately Warbucks Manor
    The hardest thing you will ever do is going from $0.00 earned to $0.01 earned. You'll get frustrated that you're asking questions that nobody wants to answer in a way you'll understand.

    They'll tell you "Just pick something and do it" and that'll be what you're least able to hear.

    Trust me, I've been there.

    The best input I could give you is to go to the CPA section and read the whole damn thing. Read the archives back as far as you can.

    Go Apply to as many CPA networks as you can using one of the sticky threads in the CPA section as a guide. Azoogle, Neverblue, MaxBounty, MarketLeverage, Affiliate.com are all fairly easy to get into (though Azoogle did ask me a ton of questions)

    Pick a dirt simple offer. $1.40 for an email submit on a page offering a free ipod or something. There are a bunch of them

    Think "How can I get someone to submit this?" What would get you to submit such an offer. What story can you spin to someone on a web page, or in a forum sig, or on a classified ads site or whatever that would make it seem reasonable that what they're clicking isn't just a scam.

    Create a plan, even if only mentally, on how to implement that method and get just a SINGLE conversion. This can't be calling up a friend and having them do it. This can't be you filling out your own offers (which you should never do). This needs to be a plan you've put together to get a single complete stranger to do what you want.

    Trust me, when you get to your first conversion and your balance shows $1.40 it changes the way you think. If you can get one, you can get 100, or 1000 by figuring out how to expand and duplicate your method.

    I believe that you need to "do everything", just not all at once. You find a way to make an offer convert at $100 per day and something goes wrong, you're back to zero. You find 10 offers taht convert $10/day spread across a bunch of CPA nets and something goes wrong, you might still make $90. Blackhat is not an all encompassing thing, it's a tool you need to use along with white hat to create something that brings in money from everywhere. Just don't think you can launch seventeen different things at once. Do them one at a time always looking at how you can automate bits so you can move on to something else.

    having someone you know to help you will be huge. People here will help when they can but won't always give you answers that make sense, for various reasons.
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