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    EDIT: Apologies for posting this in the wrong section. I suppose it is a very broad topic.

    Greetings to all. I've spent the last month lurking these forums, researching and studying different ways of how all of you are doing what you're doing. I must say that I do not have experience in monetizing websites to make money from ads or CPAs, or being an affiliate for any network for that matter, but I am very interested in starting somewhere. I read these forums a lot.

    I'll make this quick. My day job consists of developing websites for businesses in my community. My biggest client has purely organic, significant traffic of roughly 35-40,000 unique visitors a month. He also runs an Instagram account with 110,000 followers.

    Now, I've talked to him a bit about advertising and how much money he can make in return from giving me the green light to start doing it, but I do not think that this is the case. He doesn't want to clutter the site with any advertisements at the moment. Moreover, this wouldn't generate any revenue for myself as all of the funds would ethically be going to him, unless I were to put my own CPA/ads somewhere on the site.

    Because this is the case, I'm trying to explore other opportunities that are possibly available for me to capitalize on the resources at hand. Furthermore, I have a lot of questions and am looking for somebody who is willing to chat with me and talk to me about some things. I'm always reading success stories, but more so the ones that did not turn a penny and failed, to learn about the things that could have been done in hindsight for success. I'm always researching and learning more, but now I'm really looking for someone to chat with.

    If anybody is willing, I don't think I can reply to PMs at this moment, but would add you on Skype or wherever to chat. Thanks everybody.

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