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First Post, My journey up until now, and plans for the future.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by bricem, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. bricem

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    Dec 26, 2012
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    I have been on BlackHat World for awhile now. A lot of the posts on here have helped me figure out different things to try to make money online. Up until now I havent posted anything, and at the same time, I have been making money online, but not being 100% serious about it.

    To start off, when I was younger (12/13/14) I sold things on eBay, and made quite a good amount of money for how old I was.
    But I got lazy, and my credit started falling off an next thing I knew I wasnt making money on eBay anymore.

    Right before I turned 18, I got into a clothing companys affiliate program (around October/November) that I was strictly advertising through instagram. And by the middle/end of December, i found out the magic of instagram like bots; So I started to use those.

    Oct/Nov I didnt make much, and Dec I made about $600 (turned 18 this past January.) From then on I got lazy, and then money continued to come in, anywhere between $150-$400 a month, and I got lazy and stopped paying any attention to these instagram pages I had by february.

    Although I continued to have the bots running, so I continued to make a little extra money. By May/June I got back into the instagram pages, and worked with the clothing affiliate program, along with some other endeavors such as Infinity Downline, FeaturePoints (smartphone pay per install/referral program), and a few others I forget the names of now. And that one month that I had gotten back into it, I breached my first $1,000 made in a month from online endeavors alone.

    Shortly after that month all of my instagram accounts got banned; and I gave up, up until last month (November.)

    I have now gotten back into instagram (I have 8 accounts all with 2,500 followers a piece at the moment)

    , started trying out twitter (have 10 accounts, with anywhere between 500-2000 followers a piece)

    and have very recently (the past week or so) gotten into blogger and pintrest.

    Currently I am just working with the clothing brand affiliate program, FeaturePoints, and trying to bring out my blogger presence so I can get accepted to adsense.
    I really dont know what im doing with pintrest, I guess im just trying to spread out my presence throughout multiple outlets, so that if one gets banned my entire operation doesnt go down, and make me start over.

    Well thats about all I have for now, I thought it would help me continue on my journey to post about it, and see what some of yall had to say.