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    Going to start cold calling for the first time next week. Does anyone have any tips they wished they knew when they first started cold calling? This won't be a 100% cold call since I've sent them either an email or direct mail beforehand. It's regarding websites to those who don't own one.
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    The leads are being generated or through a trusted source, it is very difficult to close leads with generated and purchased ones due to the given nature.
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    Some critical tips that can help you closing deals from the very first day,
    even if you don't know a thing about selling yet:

    From my experience, if you've sent them something upfront it will be much, much easier to talk to them. People are, in most cases, very easy to talk to if you've sent them something upfront. They feel way more confortable talking to you if they feel like you've been in touch with them before.

    VERY IMPORTANT: What you lack in skills at first, you can make up in numbers. Just like a website, your pitch has a conversion ratio. It's based on how good you can spark peoples imagination, make them FEEL the value and how effective you can handle objections. So keep trying!

    I started out having 0/70 days, just like a bad salescopy. I sticked to calling at least 50 people every day. Guess what. I ended up closing between 5 and 10/70 on average every day within the first or second call.

    Recognize a no, but never accept it. I turned people that were most angry and aggressive into buyers within secounds. Sometimes they are the most easy ones to sell to. Why? Because just as fast as they get angry and emotional, they get excited.

    WARNING: There majority of the persons you call may not accept your offer. Don't confuse refusion with rejection. Many guys selling on the phone make the mistake thinking people reject THEM. In truth, most often, they simply can't see the value of your service at this point of time. Stay confident!

    MAKE NOTES! This is critical. You might think 'oooh, I'll remember that one and on which point we'll begin the next call'. Bullshit. If you have a promising lead you gonna recall, note everything you can. Things that helped you to create sympathy, preferences of all kinds, style of talking, time called, everything. It's gold, really.

    Now something that might sound a bit bizzare, but probably the most important advice I can give you:

    Success or failure, it all depends on your state of mind. I have to say that again, because it's really THAT important, I come to why in a secound:

    Success or failure in sales on telephone depend 10% on pitch and 90% on state of mind.

    Let me illustrate this. I once was leading a team in a callcenter, filled with agents selling a product that was pure magic. It was about making a free price comparence of electricity price, in my country you can switch the company delivering your energy. Almost everyone called prospect won at least $150, upto $600 by moving into another contract. Sounds simple to sell, doesn't it? Well, there was this 'special' guy.

    You could almost feel it. His dominant thoughts were: I'm annoying people, nobody wants this shit, people hate me for calling. And guess what his voice sounded like, when he called people offering literally free money. It wasn't his words, but they excactly sounded like 'Er, I'm soooo sorry for calling, but you wouldn't buy anything from me? Ah, yeah, I see, I'm soo sorry, it's okay, bye, I'm really really sorry!' His state of mind destroyed every single call he made. Everyone of them.

    Get this: He wasn't able to close one single deal in a week, while another guy calling the same list closed 20!

    So, before you even make a single call, take a minute to convince yourself that your product rocks. PROOF to YOURSELF that what you offer is valueable and by god, the guy you call NEEDS IT! Not only that, he also WANTS IT! If he doesn't exactly want what you offer he might still want what having your product or service means for his business! More clients, more money, more freedom, we all want that! It's your job not to explain the mechanics of your product, but instead to show him how it delivers what they want! Money, freedom, sex and happiness.

    And finally, to give you a magical advantage from the very beginning:

    Before you press the call button, take another minute and focus on a very good friend of yours, in your head, see that person. Feel the feeling this person gives you. The rapport you feel talking to this person. Remember how you interact with this person. The way you talk, react, simply stated: Feeeeel how you feel interacting with this person. Localize this feeling in your stomach. Focus on it. Let it grow until it completly flushes through you. And then, press the call button. Act like it's your good friend talking to you on the phone.

    They'll feel so comfortable talking to you, it will scare the shit out of you how easy things suddenly become.

    I know, it sounds strange and like some crazy magic woh-woh, BUT, I can tell you first hand: You can even do this in public, transfering these feelings on total strangers you've never met before and they'll be like: Heey! Don't we know each other?! I could swear, we must have met before!

    That's because of mirror-neurons every human has, which are literally mirroring thoughts, feelings and actions of every person we come in contact with COMPLETLY. But that's a whole other topic. I hope you feel a bit more prepared by now!

    Arrr, a last one!

    Use the power of negative preparation! Means, write down or think of everything that might could fuck up your sale. Every objection you can think of. And then, think of at least 1 way to handle it effectivly! Train your reaction so it come spontanous when you are finally calling. Write down every roadblock and how to handle it, go through it a few times, and you're ready to rock. Now:

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    Home Page:
    1.Write a script with your main points, don't read from it like a script but use it to keep the conversation flowing.

    2.Listen. Use what the client/customer is telling you. Look for the buy signs/signals.

    3.Don't get disheartened. Cold Calling is tough. The only way to succeed and get better is by continually doing it. Practice with a friend.

    4.Repeat. Start from step 1 and adjust the script as necessary.
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    There are plenty of cold calling tips here on BHW, search and read 'em - quite useful.
    If you emailed them before, start like "I sent you an email and 'd like to know if you received it"
    Also write a detailed script in case you get lost or too excited.

    And good luck! :)