First attempt to SEO (EMD:18k , Low competetion)

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    May 30, 2011
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    I have find the keyword manually for the 2 days. Then i find these keyword with EMD keyword with ..

    18K ( global monthly search )
    73 ( local monthly search) - In US
    low competition
    cpc $0.3

    18K ( global monthly search )
    18K ( local monthly search) - In philipines
    low competition
    cpc $0.3




    I have use market samurai to research about the same keyword that rank first page on google. So, the above picture is the result. there are only 2 website which is have PR4. Other not have PR yet. So, i hope i still can be #1 in google after this.

    This is new trial for me to play with SEO. I have buy the .com domain . I use the keyword as my domain. So, my plan after this..

    1. Install wordpress
    2. write 4-5 article
    3. wait until index by doing nothing

    I want to ask BHW member for this. Is it true what i'm doing now. sorry because of newbie question. This is first attempt to me to learn SEO practically.