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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by positivenote, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Ok,ive had issues lately with account creation,so in this JV i want 2 make a a good proposal for those who c it that way.EWA AND PKM Accounts are one of the most sought out Networks by my team that continues 2 improve overtime.I'd like to start a JV with somebody that has the skillz of site creation ,and can partner up with us in creating sites for my team.The person does not need 2 send me any files of the sites upfront,i only ask that they first allow my team and i 2 work on the CPA accounts they give us.After we start growing the earningz of the accounts then obviously we can start exchanging and doing more business.I want to make thys very clear.I cant let the site creator keep 100% of the profits instead i will let them keep 50% of the profits made every week,so for thys we would need an account wyth WT.The traffic is WH and GH
    and we can make money easily the fyrst week.

    PM me if you are truly interested.