Firewalling BH accounts from Google

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    I run a number of different BH and WH projects.

    In order to keep my WH projects as WH as possible, I do my best to keep the two sets of projects as separate as possible (reasons and motivation below).

    How I keep WH and BH projects separate:

    - Different registrars
    - Different hosting companies
    - Different email accounts and hierarchy
    - Different IPs
    - Different Pen Names
    - Never register WH and BH domains at the same time (or with the same hosting provider)
    - Private Domain Registration

    Additional Steps I'm Considering:

    - Incorporating separate companies - one for BH, one for WH (would allow additional paypal and bank accounts as well)
    - Separate mailing address (one for BH, one for WH)
    - Running all Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools / Gmail accounts for BH projects through a separate browser (IE / Opera as I use firefox) and on a tethered cell phone or through private proxy (to have different IPs)
    - Separate credit cards for BH and WH projects

    Tried but failed (for me personally):
    - Separate computers for BH and WH projects - just didn't work, too much info and ideas shuffling around between the two to properly manage

    My rationale:
    Keeping my BH as separate from my WH as possible keeps from from thinking that "google's found me out" - I know that for an operation my size (relatively small) that google isn't going out of their way to look for me.

    That being said, for google to see what google analytic codes or IPs are grouped together for which websites - I don't think would be too difficult for them to include in their algo's or webspam filters (or include it in the future).

    - Does this give you ideas for your activities?
    - Is there anything else that people to do keep Google "firewalled" from separate projects? (I know blogfarms, etc. have their own strategy, however my intention here is primarily for our own day-to-day google-related activities)

    - I know there's a video of Matt Cutts saying that google doesn't use analytics or webmaster tools data to compare or use for anti-spam, etc. I personally think Matt (and Google) are 5 star, however I still personally think that part of their anti-webspam program could easily look at related analytics / webmastertools accounts and make decisions from that data
    - Doing my best to firewall my activities means that when my WH sites get shuffled in the SERPs, I'm not up at night wondering if it's because google found some link from my BH sites. I'm probably wrong to be too worried about it, but for my "personal motivation" it lets me focus on the important things in SEO as opposed to letting thoughts get in my head that my ranks have changed because google connected my sites with my BH projects.
    - Haven't seen a thread like this yet - however if this is a repeat - mods: my apologies feel free to delete
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    You have some good thinking but i think you are in a panic a bit :)
    I think google watch only one site if that site is bad (bh,trojans and shits like that) they penalize ONLY that site!

    If you buy shared hosting you get shared ip, do you think all sites are banned because of on?
    You can look sites like sheeps if one is bad that don't mean all are bad... etc I think google have same "thinkings"! Imho
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    You can set up virtual machines.
    I use those, when trying some suspicious software.