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    I found some videos about FireFox tips and tricks. Since this doesn't belong in the member downloads section, I thought I share it here. Maybe someone will find it useful.

    Here is what you will learn:

    • How To Edit ANY Standard Graphic or Header / Footer Images
    • How To Get ANY Graphic or Webpage Background's Color
    • How To Measure The Size of ANY Graphic or Web Page
    • How To Install and Use FTP Inside FireFox
    • BONUS Video: Download Embedded Videos!

    Here is a quick overview of what each flash format video covers:

    Video One: 5 min 25 sec - Getting FireFox and installing it if you do not already have it on your computer. Once you have FireFox learn how to install the correct free add-on.

    Video Two: 14 min 48 sec - How to add text to the supplied blank template header. Be walked through each step.

    Video Three: 9 min 21 sec - You are shown what each of the "extra" graphics tools do. Also Learn how to get rid of any mistakes made along the way.

    Video Four: 5 min 12 sec - The graphics editor add-on is more than just an editor. You can capture screenshots, active window or a whole page. See how easy it is to do.

    Video Five: 5 min 08 sec - Anyone that works on sales / web pages is always trying to figure out what the background colors (graphics also) are so they can match them. One simple add-on solves that problem and a few more.

    Video Six:
    4 min 05 sec - many times you need to know the size of graphic, a table on a web page or an area of a web page. This simple add-on solves the problem very quickly.

    Video Seven: 8 min 51 sec - Once the graphic is edited it now needs to be uploaded to the web server. Learn how to FTP with a free and simple to use add-on.

    Video Eight: 3 min 51 sec - How often have you seen a video that you would like to download ? Learn how you can download them with a simple click!

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    will try. thanks peter!