Firefox Plugin for Downloading Videos?


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Sep 17, 2008
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I am looking for a firefox plugin for downloading videos. I have it on my home PC but I can't remember the name of the damn plugin. I found it here a while back but I can't seem to find it anymore.

Anyways the plugin has an icon next to the web address bar and it moves around when there is a video on the page you are viewing.

The one you are on about is probably download helper, but you have to register that one now if you don't you get a big logo on the screen, I would like to recommend one I found yesterday called netvideohunter whenever you go to a page with a video it lets you know and keeps it in a list until you close firefox, the flaw with it is it saves the files as flv so you would have to convert it.


p.s. just incase people are wandering it's free and not mine lol
Now my big problem is converting the files to a dvd format. OMG I did not realize it was this difficult. I'll try not to create a new thread but can anyone help me out with a program that will convert a video file to a file for dvd?

Thanks again guys
Here you go...

VSO ConvertX to DVD

This software is the best for what you are trying to do mate.

Have fun...


Let me know if you have any problems.
I use Net Video Hunter


home page:

FF plugin:
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