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    Since I opened a few threads already just to solve easy questions I thought I could just make a big thread to gather them all. In this thread I will post all the questions that come to my mind and I cannot solve by myself. I'd like to thank everybody who helped me so far and those who hopefully will help me in the future.

    Here we go, first question:
    I have a website and I have set up wp in the general setting page so that the url should always be www,mysite and then dot domain and i thought this would be sufficent not to duplicate my website but i noticed google indexed both the www and the no-www version. I have a feeling it has to be with the hosting settings (i have godaddy hosting) but I don't know how to fix this so that I won't get duplicate content.

    i noticed that only one page without www was indexed and it's the oldest. maybe is something that was left behind but it wont happen again. i really dont know i'm a total newbie :D. i tried to go to google webmaster tool and set www mysite as the fav domain. i had to reverify the ownershipo of the non-www domain with another metatag. i'm confused!
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