Finding the right (anonymous) solution for payment.

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    Hello everyone!
    First of all, if i placed this in the wrong section i would ask an admin/moderator to move it where it should belong.

    I have some CPA accounts. Most of them are used in a greyhat manner.
    I just registered a new account some days ago and I'm already cashing in big...
    The account was registered through a VPN and also a proxy.
    By the end of this month there should be a pretty large ammount of "green" in there.
    On the 15th of February i would be able to cash out the amount i made in January.
    For all my greyhat/whitehat tactics i have used my gaypal/credit card to receive money.I have seen a lot of discussion around here about VCCs(virtual credit cards). I am thinking of getting one of those VCCs.
    Since i am new to this i have some questions:
    1) Who will be the owner of this VCC, or are they anonymous?
    2) Can they be used for both buying/selling(receiving money), in other words: Does a VCC have the same functionality as a normal, physical credit card ?
    3)I want to be able to verify a newly created gaypal/al3rtpay account with this VCC, and i also don't want to end up with them locking my account, trapping all my money in there, it would be great if the VCC would last for some months, or even better, FOREVER :D

    Lets say i have this all set-up, i receive my money on gaypal.
    In the end i want to be able to cash-out, "hold the money in my hands".

    Now, when it comes to this, i guess i have some options:
    Send the money to an anonymous bank account, again i have only heard of such thing , never done it.
    Or, send the money to another ewallet like libertyr3serve, heard you can send and receive anonymously.
    Send the money to a friend's gaypal/alertpay etc...

    Damn, i have a bad habit to keep on writing and writing and it becomes annoying for others,sorry..
    I guess it's the fact that i'm a perfectionist, not too happy about it anyway..:D

    Just give me your call on this one guys, how should i proceed?

    P.s. Ofc this is extremely blackhat, unethical and kind of a scam, but not in legal terms, it can not be proven so...

    P.P.s I know that there is no such thing as total anonymity, and if they want to get you, and you are doing something illegal, they most likely will.

    P.P.P.s i haven't said "thank you", have i ? Really appreciate your time and patience