Finding a future niche using past trends

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    This all starts from the idea that a large proportion of google searches each day are from all new topics. I've read that as high as a quarter of searches each day on google are all new, and the reason is very simple: events.

    The opportunities with events are huge. Think along the lines of natural disasters, sports results, holidays, reality TV results, new products and so on. Think about all of the news you can read in a newspaper today that is completely unique from anything that has ever happened in history.

    Would be great to have some sort of way to predict what people will be searching for in the future, wouldn't it? Here's how to do it.

    Firstly, you can just know what events are going on right now or happening in the near future by using google trends to look at the past and utilise that for the future. For example, pick a random date from this month. I do that for September 3rd of this year, and here are the most popular searches for that day:

    google.(the main TLD)/trends/hottrends?sa=X&date=2011-9-3
    (excuse the weird formatting, I can't post links yet.)

    So anyway, the top 5 results on that day are:
    1. notre dame football
    2. penn state football
    3. auburn football
    4. alabama football
    5. longhorn network

    Those results might be in the past, but a huge chunk of them every single day apply just as well to results people will be searching for in a year's time.

    If hundreds of thousands of people searched for Notre Dame or Penn State football on this day like in the result above (or whatever result might rank on the day you chose), then people are clearly going to be searching for future games as well. What if you had a series of sites ranking in place for next year's same college football match season? What if you found a day coming up this year that had an annual niche that was a lot less competitive than football, but still had a ton of searches you knew were going to happen?

    Go back to days in September 2010, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what might be popular searches for the remainder of this month.

    For the day illustrated, football is just an example. But once you're prepared for a forthcoming event, trends from the big G is about the best indicator you're going to get for what people might be searching for in the future, and using this technique the potential to reap in clicks is high. Why am I sharing this? There are lot of events out there, and I'm on a mission to give back to BHW. Hopefully that should have given you some niche picking ideas, enjoy!
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