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Nov 9, 2017
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Hello I am trying to find out someone emails for guides all I can find is things telling me to look for headers on emails for gmail one but no way to find the location of the person sending it to me could you help me solve this please?
try to look in to text version or source code of email and check email headers
yes, I remember if you look into the email header, you can see the originating ip address
Well some providers replace their own servers IP with the senders but the list I had was a few years ago so likely to change. The best way to get IP would be if they emailed from their own server.

If you put an image in the email you can track the IP which loaded the image but they need html enabled.
Thanks I was looking in the header as earlier tip for but no information seems to show in Gmail how to do it
I am not willing to say since a private matter and it's not for some kind of dark reason in case you wondering. I am currently discussing it with one of my programmer friends to find out or I might ask someone as well I who knows Matt Cutts should be able to tell me how.

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