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    One method of getting traffic is the good old banner or text-link.
    I've worked with this for a few months now with some success actually. And I thought I'd share a few methods I've used, which I could need help/input on bettering.

    At first I looked on some ads networks but I realize that I want to try my luck finding blogs or websites who aren't aware that they can make money on advertising. Websites/Blogs connected to ad-networks are aware of their value and often charge accordingly. My idea is to avoid these and aim for the valueble but non-aware owners.

    My first method was to use SEO Powersuite to find advertising partners that would fit my niche/product. The process of searching using the tool doesn't take long however the emailing and in-depth research takes a bit longer. Sure I could use the automated emailing function within the program, however looking and researching the site takes time. I want to know aprox how much traffic the site has. Page Rank, Alexa and all those rankings can't beat 5 minutes of my time to really look into the site from a SEO standpoint.

    Conclusion: This takes time, sure you will be set with a list of domains that could be used to find contact information and approach for a banner-deal. You get PR, Alexa Rank and you get other information relevant. How ever, the results do vary a lot, although you've used keywords you find strong and relevant for your niche/product. This tool will still result in a lot of sites that won't match. It also returns a big number of subdomains to larger sites.

    My method number two were to use Scrapebox. I thought that if I could use it to scrape for sites that match my keyword I could then sort for Page Rank and sort out domains that wouldn't fit my budget. Remember, I'm not looking for banner-deals that costs a fortune, I'm looking to find the "golden nuggets" of bloggers/website owners that accept a smaller fee and consider it a nice unexpected income.
    So I scraped for blogs/websites that matches my niche/product, came up after filters with aprox 2000 domains. Used exactly 14 keywords that I found to be strongly connected to my niche/product.
    I then moved on to checking their backlinks in site explorer to see if they had any link juice flowing from any decent sites. But since Yahoo only supports 1000 backlinks, this method wasn't all that great.

    Conclusion: I ended up spending a few hours manually checking the scraped/removed/cleaned results from SB and found about 10 websites which I approached with an offer. Yes, I mailed them. Four sites never replied, 3 sites said they used Adsense only and 2 sites said they weren't interested in advertising as they wanted to maintain neutral to their readers (wtf?) and 1 site accepted the offer. YAY!

    Result: This last site actually brought some traffic and along it a few buys aswell. So the investment was well worth it as the niche/product I'm in is based upon monthly subscriptions. I've also learned that advertising on a site for more then a month could be a waste of money, a website/blog often have a % of traffic that visits every day, this traffic doesn't do you any good. My theory is to find new blogs/websites every month to promote my product/niche. Cause I think new website/blogs means brand new visitors and impressions even though some of you might think a month is a bit cheap.

    Sorry for the long read and all. Just thought I'd share my view on banner advertising. I hope some of you that work with banner advertising can share your ideas and tips on how you find/approach and work with this type of marketing.

    Edit: I just realized, duh, that there is a linkbuilding sub-forum that would be better for this thread. I'm sorry mods, perhaps you could do me the favor of moving it there.
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