Find a profitable niche for noobs, morons and complete idiots

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    Sorry guys I don't mean that somebody here is an idiot but the steps that I'll describe will be easy to do even for a noob or for my granma. No tools, now investment - nothing just the pure net

    1. choose the main direction of the niche "dogs", "cats", "chocolate" etc

    2. use google wonderweel to find out some cute searches

    3. use google adwords tool to find out how many searches are in your niche. BTW keep an eye on the cost per click - if there are adverisers - this is a good niche

    4. go back to google and see how many sites are in "your" niche. Compare results in broad, in quotes, intitle

    5. What about the content?
    - see ezinearticles - is there eniough raw material for spinning and sth like this?
    - do not forget youtube - if tehre are some hot niche videos you can be sure that this niche is your little gold mine

    6. think about money? how you'll make some profit from this website
    - adsense - remember the CPC
    - clickbank? go and see what products are good for your niche
    - Amazon? go and see if there some appropriate products for you
    - anything else - before start making the website be sure that you can sell something on it

    7. Make it
    - you are not planing to land on the Moon - make a simple plan and follow it
    - remember - nobody cares if your website is written with black text on white background or if you lost two days to make the "perfect" color combination
    - make sure that your content is unique
    - do not forget your keywords and spread it into the content

    8. Go get some backlinks
    - forums
    - bookmarking
    - blog comment
    - directories

    9. Drive traffic - use social networking sites, forums and everything else that you can find at

    10. do not forget to collect the money and hit the Thanks button if you find this post useful

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    point 7
    There is some people giving evidence that unique content isn't take in considaration by google. Search a bit more on the forum for those thread. But for the rest it's a very good informative thread.
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    I would add another. Spending a week figuring out the best micro niche is pointless. In the end it is a game of experiments anyway. Maybe some blackhatter moves into your niche two weeks from now and runs you off page one. I'm not saying just throw everything against the wall and see what sticks, but better to spend your time building two or three sites then expanding the one that is doing better than spending an extra week on "super sekrit keyword research"
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    I lately see decline in the clickbank sales. I don't know if it is because of their reputation or people in some niches are not searching for ebooks but I get more sales from selling physical products. I suggest you go with CPA or if you sell clickbank make sure you are selling something unique.
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    I'm not claiming to be an expert but this isn't a desired lesson for a noob, (morons, and complete idiots as you say).

    I don't know how do you define a noob and i don't know how this tutorial is a noob friendly.
    "keyword research" is the basis of internet business so it must not be under-estimated and those who don't know something about KWR shouldn't be misguided.

    Here's what i'd suggest to those friends who're new to this stuff:

    For keyword research
    Simply go to market samurai's official website and watch the video tutorials on how to use market samurai. (you can have market samurai from the downloads section here). Once you've watched all the videos, it'd be easy for you to do a KWR even if you don't have any keyword research tool. The only thing tools do is that they save loads of your time. Moreover, before taking action make sure you've followed all these steps.


    Go through all the sub-forums of BHW and decide which method you wanna give a try.


    Once you've decided, try to get into more depth by reading the related sub-forum at BHW. Make note of the things you don't understand perfectly and ask them in the same sub-forum.


    Go to downloads section of this forum and look for e-books that're related to your subject. Download them and read them. This is just to get an idea about how you can have your own ideas of making money online.


    If you've followed all the three steps above then stop further reading. It's time to get to the work. Now you don't want to launch a full-fledge website if you're just starting out. So follow this pattern:

    a. Just find one "long tail keyword" which is less competitive (means 100 or less pages competing for it) and make a hubpage about that.

    b. Apply all the knowledge you've on your hubpage to rank it 1st in SERPs.

    c. If you succeed in getting to the 1st position, it means you've learned something of value.

    This step is important because it will give you all the confidence you need to start your IM journey. Do you know why 99% of the people who jump into IM just leave it? The reason is they lack this initial confidence. During this experiment, you'll also learn to become patient which is the key to success. I remember reading a signature of someone here in this forum which was something like:

    "People don't fail in IM, they just quit before the success happens."


    Start with a micro-niche. Do your work on it and move onto the next one, don't wait for it to rank well and perform as it always takes time. Once you've several micro-niches bringing in some regular income then you can go for a "niche" OR you can stick to the expansion of ur micro-niche websites. (I'm doing hubpages as i find them easy to rank).

    "THIS IS WHAT I DID EXACTLY". It worked perfect for me and so it should work for you.

    If you like this post............................................. Just makes me laugh!

    In the end, "HI" to all fellow BHWers. Since it is my 1st post here so I can take is as an introductory post as well. it's a little late and should've been on the day when i joined this forum but i rather found it useless as it could've wasted someone's time. Just wanna tell you all that in just one month, i've learned a lot from this community and what i've written above is purely based on the knowledge that i found here. I love you all including you OP (no offense intended).

    sorry for mistakes as i'm not a native speaker.

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    Nice Posts. I'm a newbie on this forum, but not new to the internet. Nothing replaces taking action and working smart/hard.