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    I never usually write anything negative about services on black hat but for this I had too.

    I had ordered SAPE service from SEO PEZ order 909 I was told that there was a 7 day delay due to other jobs being processed. After this period I was assured that I would receive my submission report within 3 days after that it would take a further 20 days to see results in SERP.

    I made payment after 7 day delay period expecting to see my result in couple of days. 8 days or more passed and I had still heard nothing so I contacted SEO PEZ via Skype (to which I have transcripts) again I was told that they don't know when my report would be delivered and it might be "some time" So I explained this has spoilt my marketing , Monetizsation and timing plans which exceed the cost of initial fee so as Good will gesture I asked for some bonus links.

    To which he was reluctant to agree but he did in the end for lack of poor service , poor communication etc I sent him an email to confirm this too. Next day I checked my email to find that my subscription had been cancelled. I contacted SEO PEZ and after some time of him being evasive. I myself stated I was a member of BHW he quickly replied and claimed that my request is being dealt with by a higher level.

    I have received no response nothing and he refuses to reply me on Skype What should I do ?

    I would just like to add SEO PEZ is a poor service , cannot deliver what it specifies , bad customer services and doesn't have the decency to be upfront and keeps your money without reply.

    I would advise any Black hat member to steer well clear just not worth the hassle if you want proof ill provide it here if requested.
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    Sorry to hear. Can u shows us the proof.
  3. Bestbuyfoam

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    This is what proxygo says you have to do and he's not online...

    bhw rules - if you shit list some1

    add link to users profile
    link to deal thread
    chat logs

    these are the requirements to make a shit list
  4. Blackhatmatics

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    Yes I will post it here
  5. Blackhatmatics

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    [27/02/2013 16:21:22] ibulkseller: hello
    [27/02/2013 16:22:05] SEOPEZ: Hi!
    [27/02/2013 16:22:28] ibulkseller: any update on my order
    [27/02/2013 16:23:41] SEOPEZ: As we said, this will take around 7 days to deliver :|
    [27/02/2013 16:24:57] ibulkseller: are you open on Sunday ?
    [27/02/2013 16:26:03] SEOPEZ: yes
    [27/02/2013 16:26:19] SEOPEZ: We try to be open 24/7
    [27/02/2013 16:27:03] ibulkseller: okay so I will will get my delivered report this Sunday
    [27/02/2013 16:27:08] ibulkseller: Order: #909
    [27/02/2013 16:27:30] SEOPEZ: Hopefully, Yes :)
    [27/02/2013 16:28:09] ibulkseller: I will be waiting for it thanks
    [27/02/2013 16:28:37] SEOPEZ: We will try our level best to deliver it ASAP
    [27/02/2013 16:28:39] SEOPEZ: :)
    [02/03/2013 13:10:05] ibulkseller: hello
    [02/03/2013 13:12:26] ibulkseller: My Order: #909
    [02/03/2013 13:14:48] SEOPEZ: moment
    [02/03/2013 13:16:08] SEOPEZ: Hopefully you will get it on Monday.
    [03/03/2013 05:45:26] ibulkseller: hello
    [03/03/2013 05:45:45] SEOPEZ: Hi
    [03/03/2013 05:45:52] SEOPEZ: How can I help you?
    [03/03/2013 05:46:11] ibulkseller: can i check the keywords
    [03/03/2013 05:46:16] ibulkseller: for my order
    [03/03/2013 05:46:25] ibulkseller: 909
    [03/03/2013 05:51:11] SEOPEZ: Thanks for contacting us. :)
    [03/03/2013 05:51:39] ibulkseller: when submission hass happened
    [03/03/2013 05:51:47] ibulkseller: it should take how long
    [03/03/2013 05:51:55] ibulkseller: for me to notice changes in system
    [03/03/2013 05:54:54] SEOPEZ: I did not understand?
    [03/03/2013 05:56:01] ibulkseller: how long will it take for me to see serp
    [03/03/2013 05:56:48] SEOPEZ: 20 days after delivery
    [03/03/2013 06:07:59] ibulkseller: ok
    [04/03/2013 13:48:48] ibulkseller: hello
    [04/03/2013 13:49:24] SEOPEZ: Hi
    [04/03/2013 13:49:33] SEOPEZ: How can I help you?
    [04/03/2013 13:49:34] ibulkseller: how are you
    [04/03/2013 13:49:45] SEOPEZ: I am fine
    [04/03/2013 13:49:58] SEOPEZ: How are you?
    [04/03/2013 13:50:00] ibulkseller: good
    [04/03/2013 13:50:11] SEOPEZ: How can I help you?
    [04/03/2013 13:50:16] ibulkseller: can I find out whats happening with my order
    [04/03/2013 13:51:00] SEOPEZ: You order no. is 909?
    [04/03/2013 13:51:07] ibulkseller: yes
    [04/03/2013 13:51:10] SEOPEZ: ok
    [04/03/2013 13:51:47] SEOPEZ: Moment
    [04/03/2013 13:54:42] SEOPEZ: We are still working on it. You will receive it soon. :)
    [04/03/2013 13:56:23] ibulkseller: when ?
    [04/03/2013 14:03:10] SEOPEZ: Apologies for late reply
    [04/03/2013 14:03:32] SEOPEZ: I was talking to our SAPE people
    [04/03/2013 14:04:18] SEOPEZ: They told me this
    [04/03/2013 14:04:24] SEOPEZ: It is taking more time than usual to send you final report as we need to wait for webmaster approval of our link request. So we wait and see, if they don't approve then we need to send request to other site & wait again. Sometimes many website loose PR & then we replace them.
    It is possible to send report within 3 days but 15% of the links you will find are dead.
    [04/03/2013 14:07:07] ibulkseller: ok look
    [04/03/2013 14:07:55] ibulkseller: can there be some type of copensation for this
    [04/03/2013 14:08:07] ibulkseller: because its messed my plans
    [04/03/2013 14:08:10] ibulkseller: up
    [04/03/2013 14:10:39] ibulkseller: lcompensation
    [04/03/2013 14:12:04] SEOPEZ: Ok, due to this late delivey we will give you some bonus links.
    [04/03/2013 14:14:11] ibulkseller: yes that was what I was going to suggest
    [04/03/2013 14:14:23] SEOPEZ: Thanks for understanding
    [04/03/2013 14:16:58] ibulkseller: thanks please provide 10 bonus links for each keyword
    [04/03/2013 14:20:01] SEOPEZ: moment, let me discuss
    [04/03/2013 14:28:01] SEOPEZ: We will try.
    [04/03/2013 14:28:12] SEOPEZ: But can not promise
    [04/03/2013 14:28:21] ibulkseller: please make this exception
    [04/03/2013 14:28:26] ibulkseller: because
    [04/03/2013 14:28:37] ibulkseller: My plans for monetizing
    [04/03/2013 14:28:50] ibulkseller: has been completly
    [04/03/2013 14:29:02] ibulkseller: messed up
    [04/03/2013 14:29:13] ibulkseller: and I will be behind
    [04/03/2013 14:29:18] ibulkseller: as a result
    [04/03/2013 14:29:49] ibulkseller: so 10 bonus links extra for each keyword will suffice
    [04/03/2013 14:30:00] ibulkseller: the gap im experiencing
    [04/03/2013 14:30:12] ibulkseller: so i need guarentee
    [04/03/2013 14:31:02] ibulkseller: let this be a goodwill gesture
    [04/03/2013 14:47:03] ibulkseller: ok
    [04/03/2013 14:49:21] SEOPEZ: We will try our level best. :)
    [04/03/2013 14:58:16] ibulkseller: I know you say you will try you best
    [04/03/2013 14:58:28] ibulkseller: but I cannot do uncertainty
    [04/03/2013 14:58:42] ibulkseller: in this current moment
    [04/03/2013 14:58:56] ibulkseller: I cannot afford
    [04/03/2013 14:59:13] ibulkseller: to have the job done and there not be
    [04/03/2013 14:59:31] ibulkseller: 10 bonus links extra to each keyword
    [04/03/2013 15:00:01] ibulkseller: As I am behind in my monetisation method
    [04/03/2013 15:00:34] ibulkseller: and I need something to sure up that time and financial loss
    [04/03/2013 15:01:26] ibulkseller: and I cannot ask you for money that I have lost
    [04/03/2013 15:01:57] ibulkseller: neither can time be given back
    [04/03/2013 15:02:24] ibulkseller: I think it should be the least to be done
    [04/03/2013 15:02:50] ibulkseller: rember 8 days have past and we don't know how long yet to receive report
    [04/03/2013 15:03:01] ibulkseller: when I recieve report
    [04/03/2013 15:03:10] SEOPEZ: Ok fine
    [04/03/2013 15:03:10] ibulkseller: it takes 20 days
    [04/03/2013 15:03:13] ibulkseller: to serp
    [04/03/2013 15:03:20] SEOPEZ: 10 bonus links
    [04/03/2013 15:03:27] SEOPEZ: :)
    [04/03/2013 15:03:36] ibulkseller: for keyword
    [04/03/2013 15:03:39] SEOPEZ: ok
    [04/03/2013 15:04:19] ibulkseller: please confirm that to me in my email please
    [04/03/2013 15:04:24] SEOPEZ: ok
    [04/03/2013 15:04:38] ibulkseller: you have correct email ?
    [04/03/2013 15:06:15] SEOPEZ: [email protected]
    [05:05:48] ibulkseller: hello
    [05:07:50] ibulkseller: You there ?
    [05:18:11] ibulkseller: hello
    [05:18:26] ibulkseller: why have you cancelled my payments
    [05:18:56] ibulkseller: please explain
    [05:22:28] ibulkseller: can you have the curteosy to answer please
    [05:23:46] ibulkseller: ok
    [05:27:22] ibulkseller: hello
    [05:27:29] ibulkseller: can you please reply
    [05:27:31] ibulkseller: me
    [05:27:54] ibulkseller: You have cancelled my subscription
    [05:28:05] ibulkseller: I have not received no refund
    [05:28:19] ibulkseller: all this conversation is being
    [05:28:22] ibulkseller: logged
    [05:28:36] ibulkseller: plus I am from blackhatworld
    [05:28:46] ibulkseller: please have the curteousy
    [05:28:51] ibulkseller: to respond
    [05:32:58] SEOPEZ: Your query is getting handled by upper level. They are suppose to send you a mail.
    [05:34:43] ibulkseller: I have not got no email 1 and the subscription had not been cancelled so long ago so I don't understand why i had recieved no email yet
    [05:37:46] ibulkseller: after we we agreed
    [05:38:35] ibulkseller: are you going to respond
    [05:38:40] ibulkseller: or not
    [05:39:00] ibulkseller: ?
    [05:39:17] ibulkseller: ok it seems
    [05:39:52] ibulkseller: no reponse
    [05:40:04] ibulkseller: I hate writing negative reviews
    [05:40:20] ibulkseller: on services
    [05:41:55] ibulkseller: I am going to ask
    [05:42:04] ibulkseller: one last time
    [05:42:18] ibulkseller: If i receive no reply
    [05:42:28] ibulkseller: Im going to make
    [05:42:31] ibulkseller: a report
    [05:42:49] ibulkseller: to adminstrators
    [05:43:01] ibulkseller: at BHW
    [06:22:49] ibulkseller: I am going to report you
    [06:22:55] ibulkseller: Poor lack
    [06:23:01] ibulkseller: of service
    [06:23:05] ibulkseller: transparency
    [06:23:07] ibulkseller: and honesty
    [06:24:45] SEOPEZ: Please let me know, how may I help you?
    [06:25:09] ibulkseller: you know what you have done
    [06:25:53] SEOPEZ: As you were asking for 10 PR5 links for each keywords that means 50 PR5 backlinks which is is around $350
    [06:26:11] ibulkseller: I will
    [06:26:16] ibulkseller: not even
    [06:26:18] SEOPEZ: We said you that report delivery might be little late!
    [06:26:32] ibulkseller: talk further with you
    [06:26:41] ibulkseller: you are doing busines on BHW
    [06:26:58] ibulkseller: you do not have the honesty
    [06:27:11] ibulkseller: to tell me what is going on
    [06:27:15] ibulkseller: just cancell
    [06:27:22] ibulkseller: my subscription
    [06:27:24] SEOPEZ: Please do not try to blackmail us.
    [06:27:31] ibulkseller: please
    [06:27:36] ibulkseller: you agreed
    [06:27:40] ibulkseller: to
    [06:27:42] ibulkseller: give
    [06:27:47] ibulkseller: me bonus links
    [06:27:59] ibulkseller: and today your saying somthing different
    [06:28:21] ibulkseller: why say
    [06:28:24] ibulkseller: if
    [06:28:29] ibulkseller: you cant provide
    [06:28:34] ibulkseller: dishonesty
    [06:28:41] ibulkseller: and you knew it
    [06:28:51] SEOPEZ: No, it is not like that! We said, we will try. It was possible to 10 PR1 backlinks as compensation.
    [06:29:02] ibulkseller: so I will not argue
    [06:29:02] SEOPEZ: On the skype we did not mention any PR!
    [06:29:21] ibulkseller: the face of the matter is
    [06:29:27] ibulkseller: you agreed on skype
    [06:29:42] ibulkseller: and you don't have curteosy to tell me otherwise
    [06:29:54] ibulkseller: I have spendt 14 plus days
    [06:29:57] ibulkseller: chasing
    [06:29:59] ibulkseller: you
    [06:30:01] SEOPEZ: We are honest & transparent. We informed you that the report delivery might be little late!
    [06:30:11] ibulkseller: when I could have used another service
    [06:30:20] SEOPEZ: No way!
    [06:30:25] ibulkseller: ok
    [06:30:36] ibulkseller: well tell that to all blackhat people
    [06:30:50] ibulkseller: because i will make a complaint
    [06:30:58] SEOPEZ: [06:27] SEOPEZ:

    <<< Please do not try to blackmail us.
    [06:31:02] ibulkseller: its not bad to have bad reputation
    [06:31:10] ibulkseller: its not good
    [06:31:16] ibulkseller: as a company
    [06:31:30] ibulkseller: so
    [06:31:35] ibulkseller: all the best
    [06:32:07] SEOPEZ: Wish you success as always!
    [06:33:48] ibulkseller: 1 dissatisfied customer is not good
    [06:33:55] ibulkseller: believe me
    [06:34:15] SEOPEZ: I believe you mate!
    [06:34:47] SEOPEZ: We really don't want to make you dissatisfied!
    [06:34:53] ibulkseller: well
    [06:34:57] ibulkseller: do your job
    [06:35:21] ibulkseller: have transparency
    [06:35:24] ibulkseller: honest
    [06:35:27] ibulkseller: honesty
    [06:35:36] ibulkseller: and don't bullshit people
    [06:35:37] SEOPEZ: But it was not possible for us to provide you such a compensation!
    [06:35:54] ibulkseller: well why did you say you can
    [06:35:57] ibulkseller: ?
    [06:36:03] ibulkseller: if you can't ?
    [06:36:17] ibulkseller: and you did say ok
    [06:36:23] ibulkseller: so don't lie
    [06:36:26] SEOPEZ: Are you talking about bonus link?
    [06:36:30] ibulkseller: yes I am
    [06:37:22] SEOPEZ: It was possible to give you 10 PR1 bonus link in total for the order.
    [06:37:57] ibulkseller: you never said
    [06:38:01] ibulkseller: this before
    [06:38:09] ibulkseller: you are only saying this now
    [06:38:20] ibulkseller: thats the issue
    [06:39:16] ibulkseller: look
    [06:39:36] ibulkseller: all you had to say yesterday via email or skype
    [06:39:47] SEOPEZ: Actually there are multimple person on the chat and for this reason there might be some misunderstanding!
    [06:40:10] ibulkseller: really
    [06:40:15] ibulkseller: really dude ?
    [06:40:40] SEOPEZ: Yes, really! This is Murad (CEO) talking with you.
    [06:40:43] ibulkseller: I have the transcript so please
    [06:40:54] ibulkseller: don't patronise
    [06:40:56] ibulkseller: me
    [06:41:02] ibulkseller: and I sent you an email
    [06:41:03] SEOPEZ: Yes, I checked previous history
    [06:41:09] ibulkseller: for good
    [06:41:12] ibulkseller: measure
    [06:41:15] ibulkseller: anyways
    [06:41:24] ibulkseller: Im willing
    [06:41:33] ibulkseller: to not make a complaint
    [06:41:41] ibulkseller: and give you negative
    [06:41:45] ibulkseller: press
    [06:41:52] ibulkseller: which I believe ni
    [06:42:09] ibulkseller: no company deserves
    [06:42:26] ibulkseller: so how about you giving me my original
    [06:42:30] ibulkseller: aservice
    [06:42:34] ibulkseller: plus
    [06:42:53] ibulkseller: 10 bonus PR1 links for each keyword
    [06:43:06] ibulkseller: I sumitted to you
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    This is not shitlist material other than Neg review. Post your review in his BST and not in shitlist section.

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