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    Hello all BHW Members,

    Its great to finally come out of my hibernation. I have been lurking here for the past couple of months (yes, before I even became a member).

    I am a student. Although IM is not new to me (been here for quite some time now - although on and off).

    My biggest problem is that I do not take action, just soak information and sit with it. But, since the past week, I have been trying to undo that.

    And this... introduction post is a part of it. I was too intimidated to even start here, with so many great guys around.

    I am a part (although dormant i.e. never active) of WF and DP too. (BHW is more... honest from both.)

    I have learned quite a lot from everyone and was thinking of a fancy name for a username (WizGizmo *wink* *wink*) but deserved none, so chose a simple "Nevermind" :)

    Anyhow, its great to finally be a part of the community. I look forward to all the discussion and knowledge.

    Let all prosper.

    - Nevermind.
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