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    Hello guys,

    For many years i have been looking for opportunities to make money online. Some were successful and others were not. I kept looking and now i finally found something that can make real solid money. Its nothing related to IM or SEO (those were my first interests). Its trading currencies. Yes its FOREX.

    I stumbled upon this forex industry around 8 months back when i was doing IM for a forex company. As an IMer i started researching about this industry before i start the campaign and the results that i found were astonishing! and the statement of the forex company blew me away. People were making thousands of dollars each day. But there was a catch (a big one which i was not aware initially) - Only 10% of the forex traders were actually making money.

    Without knowing that fact i started reading about forex trading and started with a demo account, the real account, tested many strategies etc etc and finally blew about 8 accounts totaling $15,000 USD. (Yes i lost $15,000 USD in just over 2 months). This was when i stated seeing the other face of the forex industry (a very bad one).

    Many would have given up at this stage but i always remembered the quote from my favorite book "That is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguesed in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize opportunity." I stated again using all the lessons i learnt from my mistakes, developed my own strategy and finally i started seeing profits and has been profitable for the past 5 months.

    Lets get to business now. I have 2 JVs to offer.

    1. You will open an account with your favorite broker, load funds and i will trade in your account for you. We will take the profits every 2 weeks and share 50/50

    2. You will be a referral and refer people who can invest with me (using their favorite broker) and we will take the profits every 2 weeks and share 40(me) 60(between you and your client). Will help you fully on how to convince the investor.

    The minimum investment is $5,000 and currently i can handle only 20 accounts. Once the 20 accounts are filled i will stop accepting new investments. I can guarantee 20-40% growth of your account every month.

    Some of my recent client accounts can be seen here:

    I am not posting any statements as they can be faked. Above are real verified accounts with real profits. If you want my old accounts i will be glad to share with you. My strategy is something that i developed after a lot of testing and its been proved successful with proper money management.


    1. If you are profitable why do you want to trade with other's money? why cant you just trade for yourself?
    The one thing that i learnt is that forex is not a get rich quick scheme and if you try to get rich quick in forex you will definitely lose everything. I can only grow my accounts by 20-40% every month. With the limited amount of equity that i have it will take a very long time to achieve my financial goal but with other's money, the overall equity will increase and i can grow my portfolio much quicker while making money for my investors (yes i am being selfish here but who is not?)

    2. Forex is a very risky investment how can i be sure that you will not lose my money?
    My #1 priority is not to lose the initial investment. I learnt this the hard way. There will always be a new opportunity every day in forex. With me you can be assured that even if you don't make any profit your initial investment will be safe with you. I also do not trade during important new releases and will trade minimal on Fridays and bank holidays.

    3. How can i trust you?
    I am not asking you to send any money to me. You will open the account with your broker and give only the username and password for me to trade. It is also easier for you to withdraw your funds if you are not happy with my trade.(I can give suggestions for good brokers if you want but most brokers with a good spread will work for me)

    4. How much money can i make every month?
    I can guarantee a return of 20-40% every month. But even if i am not able to make that, i will make sure your initial investment is safe and sound.

    5. What if i want to stop?
    If you want to stop at any point of time just withdraw the funds from your broker and send me my share of the profit. But i am sure once you are in with me you will not stop :)

    6. How can i contact you?
    I will always be available in skype or gmail. PM me if you want my details or if you have any questions.

    I hope i covered everything i wanted to say. If you have any questions let me know :)
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