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    Hey everyone:

    First off, this spot has been a goldmine for me as a novice web designer, especially with Wordpress and the plugins worth testing. After being a lurker for months, I decided to finally break the ice and introduce myself so here I am - I am also finally making profit on my website and while it isn't huge, I have setup my budge to put a few dollars into SEO and such. Is there any one package here that people can point to and call it game-changing? I have done my research and read through a good 15+ offers, some sounded really amazing but were very pricey (at least for someone who has his entire savings dumped into his business) -- others that don't have FB and Twitter support, but is that really necessity? I target a very very specific audience. I am just looking for positive advice, critique, and I apologize in advance if this is out of line or a "dumb" question to the experts.

    Regardless, I wanted to again give my support to the forum, thank the mods and contributors for making this amazing free source -- and just give my personal two thumbs up!!