Filing NY sales tax return

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    Jan 10, 2012
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    I am filing my first NY sales tax return and am unsure as to which schedule to pick. The choices are:

    Schedule A - Taxes of Selected Sales and Services in Nassau and Niagara Counties

    Schedule B - Consumer's Utility and Fuel Taxes for Residential and Nonresidential Gas, Electricity, Refrigeration, and Steam, and Sales of Heating Fuels

    Schedule FR - Sales and Use Tax on Qualified Motor Fuel and Highway Diesel Motor Fuel

    Schedule H - Report of Clothing and Footwear Sales Eligible for Exemption

    Schedule N - Taxes on selected Sales and Services in NYC (you cannot web file if you are reporting taxable sales and services for part 1 parking)

    Schedule T - Consumer's Utility Tax for Telephone Services, Telephone Answering Services, and Telegraph Services

    Schedule W - Report of Purchases Eligible for Credit by a Qualified Empire Zone Enterprise (QEZE)

    I am selling sports equipment, any help is appreciated.